Reddit Accessible

This extension seeks to make the interface more accessible to switch users, the visually impaired, and anyone who has difficulty with the traditional interface. It can be used with just two buttons -- Next (TAB) and Select (ENTER)

Reddit Accessible loads content from external links and displays them in the page. It can load images, videos, embedded Tweets, and even fetches text from article links so that the user can view content from many sources in an accessible interface.

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Screenshot of reddit slash r slash space

screenshot of /r/space - comments, content, and posts are all in one interface

Screenshot of sub reddit subscription page slash subreddits slash mine

screenshot of /subreddits/mine - select a subreddit to read from your subscriptions


Reddit Accessible is open source, and began as a project by students at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We use GitHub for source control, and contributions are welcome.

Unfluff Server

RedditAccessible uses a node.js backend for parsing and "unfluffing" articles shared on reddit. This is done for safety and security - rather than loading an unknown DOM into the page, redditAccessible asks unfluff for the text-only version of an article. The code for this can be found at subdavis/unfluff-server