A blog?! I know it’s a bit 2005, so let me explain.

I have some serious free time ahead of me this summer. I’m talking build a helicopter in your back yard after retirement level boredom. And since I don’t have a pilot’s license (or for that matter a back yard) I figured it might be good to try and learn some new skills and contribute to society, or something like that.

At the end of May, I’m moving to Washington D.C. to start a new job. The catch is that the job doesn’t start until mid July, which gives me 6 weeks to kick back and watch the price is right every day. Except I hate the price is right, so I need a plan.

The plan (recently hatched by my starry-eyed, overzealous self) is to spend time each day learning, tinkering, or otherwise bettering myself or the world in some kind of way. I’d like to set a few goals in writing so that I may be publically shamed when, 6 weeks from now, all I have to show for my summer is an intimate knowlege of ABC’s LOST.

  1. Set up a blog using github pages and jekyll (DONE)
  2. Obtain the latest editions of CLRS and Cracking the Coding Interview. If these seem like odd choices for someone who just landed a job, give this a read.
  3. Continue contributing to perfectapi/CKP. I’m quite interested in cryptography and this project has been a great way to start learning what practical crypto looks like.
  4. Start looking into the keepassxc issue tracker. Why doesn’t it support KDBX4 yet?!
  5. Excercise often. Don’t let all this techno crap get in the way of being healthy.
  6. Get out and see the city, hike some, and enjoy the weekends. There’s nothing like staying cooped up in a 700 sq. ft. apartment to keep morale and productivity high.
  7. Read novels again. Check out some of the titles from this year’s nebula awards.
  8. Learn golang properly. I’m an avid subscriber of trial-by-fire, so I’ll have to find another project suited for Go.

That seems like enough to keep me at least semi-busy. In addition, I like to keep up with the NY Times, Adam Savage’s Tested, ISS goings on, and binge old movies (I’ve been itching to watch Apollo 13 all week so perhaps that will happen soon). As I get into these and other little projects, I will write more meaty posts about what I learn.