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Keepass Tusk: Access + Autofill

This extension adds KeePass autofill functionality to Chrome and Firefox without compromising security for convenience. Tusk is Open Source Software and free forever.

Tusk is a fork of CKP, and seeks to provide improvements to the UI, better security practices, and KDBX version 4 support using the KdbxWeb library. Tusk is formerly known as CKPX. More information and a user guide can be found on the Wiki.

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CKP Tusk
KDBX v4 (Argon2, ChaCha20) Support
WebDAV (Owncloud, NextCloud) Support
Firefox + Google Chrome Ports
One-Time Password (OTP) Storage Support
Dropbox + OwnCloud Shared Link Support
pCloud Support
Modern Design
Under Active Development
Autofill or Copy KeePass Passwords
Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox Support


Tusk provides security bug fixes and improved practices compared to CKP. It is not vulnerable to this bug where your master key can be recovered from disk. Tusk uses KdbxWeb for crypto operations.


Unlock screen. Enter your master password to decrypt your password file.

List view. Select one of the matched passwords or search your entire database.

Settings welcome page.

Enable database providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.


Tusk is open source. We use GitHub for source control, and contributions are welcome.

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