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    Brandon Davis

    I'm just a UNC alum transplanted to D.C. and masquerading as a software developer. I good journalism, experimenting with code, discovering new places, and reading about space exploration. I find joy in creation and simple design.


    Email brandon @subdavis.com
    GitHub https://github.com/subdavis
    Twitter https://twitter.com/subdavis
    Facebook https://facebook.com/subdavis
    GPG Key https://subdavis.com/key.txt
    Blog https://subdavis.com/blog/
    Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/subdavis
    Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/add/subdavis


    résumé https://subdavis.com/resume.pdf
    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/subdavis


    KeePass Tusk https://subdavis.com/Tusk/ Tusk is a browser extension for filling passwords from a KeePass database stored in the cloud. I didn't start this project (it began as CKP) but I maintain a fork with a new UI since the original project lost steam. You can install Tusk for Chrome or Firefox.
    HackNC http://fall2016.hacknc.com/ In the summer and fall of 2016, I lead the development team to build the website for HackNC, the annual undergraduate-run hackathon at UNC Chapel Hill.
    redditAccessible https://subdavis.com/redditAccessible/ A chrome extension that seeks to make reddit.com accessible to the visually impaired, physically disabled, and anyone who would benefit from a simple switch interface to reddit.
    Ray Tracer https://github.com/suBDavis/raytracer I implemented a basic ray tracer in C++ to render spheres and planes with reflective surfaces and colors.
    Conway's Game https://subdavis.com/life I implemented an infinite version of the classic CGoL in native javascript. This is one of the first blocks of code I was ever proud of. Recycled the renderer into piksl.
    CV Flight Sim. https://github.com/suBDavis/jankulous-rift At Bitcamp 2016, I helped a team create a flight simulator from scratch using OpenGL. We designed a controller from pipe cleaners and used computer vision (OpenCV) to interpret the orientation of the controller for piloting the simulation. Watch a demo.
    HackNotify https://github.com/HackNC/hacknotify This tool was built for HackNC 2016, and leverages several popular SMS APIs to send blast notifications to participants. It reads from Google Sheets so that no copies of live participant information have to be maintained.
    Registration https://github.com/HackNC/registration In the summer of 2016 I built a Python Flask application to handle registration for HackNC. This involved everything from writing the code to managing deployment. Using this system, over 1800 people registered for HackNC 2016. This project was an excellent example of buy vs. build, and overall I think building was the wrong decision.
    Farewell Sim. https://subdavis.com/farewell-simulator At Global Game Jam 2017, I worked with a team to build this game in 48 hours. Having no game dev experience, we worked in javascript to create a browser based street crossing game.
    MemeTrades https://memetrades.com This is a pretend stock market trading platform for memes. The back end for this app was challenging, as it had to process transactions synchronously for data consistency, but needed to serve content asynchronously in order to keep up with client requests and scale horizontally.
    Web Ring http://hgreer.com | http://forrestli.com Evidently I'm a member of the world's smallest webring.
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